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God prepares a Solution before you go through a Problem | Cast All Your Cares

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God prepares a Solution before you go through a Problem.

       Yes God has already prepared a solution for every problem you go through. Have you ever amazed by how God opens a door that you never expected, or may be a favor from unexpected person in times of difficulties, or a report that was disappointing earlier but got changed, or a opportunity beyond your imagination in times where you felt you were stuck, all this is nothing but your heavenly Father prepared a solution before you even faced that problem. Here are some examples from the Bible that prove our God does prepare a solution for every problem before we even go through it.

“Bitter water made Sweet”

        The bible says in Exodus 15:22-25 where Moses led the Israel people through the wilderness for three days and they found no water and when they reached Marah (a place which meant bitterness) they could not drink that water because of its bitterness. Then people started grumbling after Moses then God showed Him a log and he threw in water and it became sweet.
        Here the problem was bitterness of water and because of that people were not able to drink it but God prepared a solution before, He kept a tree just near Marah which would change the bitter water to sweet. The tree from which Moses took log didn’t just grow at that moment, it was planted there before. Our God does know what you will be facing tomorrow and that’s why he says not to worry, He has already planned what you will require when you go through a certain problem.

“Paul shook off snake into fire”

      Acts 28:1-5 says when Paul safely reached the island called Malta. The islanders showed kindness and they built fire and welcomed him as it was cold. Paul gathered a pile of wood and he put it on fire, a viper, driven out of heat it fastened around his hand. But he shook the snake off into fire and no harm was done to him.
      God prepared a solution as a 'fire' that was already built by the people of Malta. When the snake spiraled around Paul’s hand he could shake it into fire. People of Malta thought he was under some curse that why things happened to him and they were waiting to see his hand swelled but nothing happened and people were amazed at this. They saw the affliction of Paul but God was protecting him.

“Elisha threw a stick that made iron float in water”

      1 Kings 6:6 says “The man of God asked, “Where did it fall?” When he showed him the place, Elisha cut a stick and threw it there, and made the iron float.” Here Elisha helped a person who lost his axe in water and he just cut off the stick and threw in water and the blade of axe came up floating. God gave a solution to a problem just with a little stick, we can trust God for a solution in any circumstances, He always has a way prepared already.
      Our God is amazing. He just solves a mountain like problem with little things we couldn’t even imagine. In Joseph’s life pit seemed a big problem but the end was unimaginable, something his brothers never thought, God took him from a pit to a palace, from just a common boy he became Prime minister of Egypt.
      Never lose hope and trust in God, He is all sufficient to take us out of any problem and prepare a solution before we even face. Our God never closes a door without opening one.


Heavenly Father I pray that our trust in you be unshakable. Help us trust you in difficult situations, that you will provide a solution. Lord, I pray for people who are going through a difficult season in their life, help them to overcome and see the solution that you bring before them and give them the strength and peace to overcome in Jesus name Amen.

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