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Choose the Voice of Faith

Choose Voice of Faith

                 To choose something or make decision sometimes can be difficult, if you are women you know the problem better, endless confusion on choosing right dress or pair of shoes we know it can be so hard even when we have limited options. Similarly sometimes it’s hard to choose between the voice of faith and the voice of fear. As bible says in Deuteronomy 15:5, “If only you carefully listen to the voice of the Lord your God…”.God always has a way to talk to us through His words, in prayer, through people or the sermons we listen to. He always wants to talk with us ,his children but most of the time we don’t recognize the voice of our father instead we listen to what our mind speaks or what world tells us to do, that’s when we choose what comes out of world, comes out of your fear and good news is you can override such negative voice by replacing it with voice of faith, you can choose which voice to come to life.

         "You were born looking like your parents, you die looking like your decisions." - Bishop Dale C. Bronner, quite thoughtful quote and this is so true our life does depend on the decisions and choices we make. Ephesians 5:15 says “look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise”.  Our walk will be always based on what voice we choose. If we hear voice of faith we are in will of God and if our life runs under the will of God then God’s promises and God’s purpose for our life is revealed to us.

           In life there are circumstances where we have chosen wrong and negative voice which then had consequences which made us suffer that we could have just avoided but still God’s grace can change our path that’s heading towards wrong path because of wrong choice as bible says about Jonah whom Lord asked to go Nineveh but he went to Tarshish and whale swallowed him and he was in the belly of fish for three days and nights just because he didn’t listen to  the voice of God but still God heard his prayer he prayed inside the belly of fish that’s how God’s compassion is always upon one who call Him even in our own wrong choices and then Jonah did as Lord said to him he went to Nineveh. 

              Sometimes we are like Jonah making wrong choices but still we can get back to God’s original plan for us as bible says  in Jeremiah 29:11 "'For I Know The Plans I Have For You Declares the Lord, Plans to Prosper You and Not to Harm YouPlans to Give You Hope and a Future. God always has good plan for us only we need to choose the voice of God. So why don’t we get in agreement with God today? We can override that negative voice, by choosing voice of faith. Choose to receive voice of faith and declare blessing, favor so that you have victory in life.

Let’s Pray:
Heavenly Father, help me Lord that I choose voice of faith and hear you every day so that I walk in victory and help me discern voice and walk in faith and I declare today I can do all things as you give me strength. I thank you for everything you do. In Jesus name Amen.

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