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10 Powerful Bible Verses To Help You Fight Anxiety And Depression. | Cast All Your Cares.

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10 Powerful Declarations to Speak Over Yourself | Cast All Your Cares.

10 Powerful Declarations to Speak Over Yourself. "I Declare God's Incredible Blessings over my Life" "I Declare I will Experience God's Faithfulness" "I declare it's not to late to accomplish everything God has placed in my heart " "I Declare a Legacy of Faith over my Life" "I Declare I am Grateful for who God is in my Life and for what He's done" "I Declare unexpected Blessings are Coming my Way" "I Declare God has a Great Plan For my Life" "I Declare God will do Exceedingly, abundantly, above all that I ask or think" "I Declare God's Supernatural Favor over my Life" "I Declare I will Live Victoriously"

Are you Heavenly Minded? | Being Eternally-Minded. | Cast All Your Cares.

Are you Heavenly Minded? | Being Eternally-Minded. The Bible says in Mathew 16:26 “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?” While living in this earth we must understand the truth that even when we die our soul won’t die, it has a life beyond this earth either it will live eternally in heaven or hell and choice is ours to live life according to what God says and to have eternal life with Him in Heaven or to go the other way living worldly and in its sin that will only lead path to hell and being heavenly minded is to live according to God’s word, God really cares that no life is wasted and He wants us to be with Him in His place forever. “Heaven is won or lost on earth, the Possession is there but preparation is here” –Richard Baxter. Your life on Earth is a preparation for your life in Heaven. Preparation is waiting on God, Knowing Him as your Father, as only light in this World, Knowing Him as a wonderful friend and nearest hel

Best Christian Song Quotes| Christian Lyrics Images | Cast All Your Cares

Christian Song Lyrics Quotes " I'm no longer a slave to fear I am a child of God" " There is no one else for me None but Jesus Crucified to set me free Now I live to bring Him praise " " Oh, O'Lord O'Lord I know You hear my cry Your love is lifting me above all the lies No matter what I face this I know in time You'll take all that is wrong and make it right " " All my life You have been faithful All my life You have been so, so good With every breath that I am able I will sing of the goodness of God " " I see the evidence of Your goodness All over my life I see Your promises in fulfillment All over my life "  "I believe in you, You are God of Miracle" " I run to the Father I fall into grace I'm done with the hiding No reason to wait My heart needs a surgeon My soul needs a friend So I'll r

The Power of the Tongue | The Power of the Words | Cast All Your Cares.

The Power of the Tongue “The tongue has the Power of Life and Death, and those who love it will eat its fruit” (Proverbs 18:21). We have heard this verse thousands of times but when it comes to practice these verse in life it becomes very difficult, to guard our mouth, to speak always Positive, to speak always life in dead situation, it’s quite hard to follow.   The Bible does show us there is immense Power in our tongue and in the words we speak. Our words can make us walk in the way of perfection. “For we all stumble in many ways. And if anyone does not stumble in what he says, he is a perfect man, able to bridle his whole body” (James 3:2). The Bible does not talk about many ways to be perfect but certain ways to perfection and one of them is the way we speak. In any fight more than anything our words matter it can offend or it can resolve. If we are able to tame our words then we are walking in the way of perfection and we are called to walk in a way of perfe

Best Christian Quotes images in 2020 | Powerful Inspiring Quotes on Faith | Cast All Your Cares

"Faith doesn't always mean it will change your situation, sometimes it changes you - Steven Furtick" "God sometimes takes us into deep waters not to drown us but to cleanse us" "God has you in the palm of His hand" "God did not remove Red sea, He opened it; He will help us find a way through our problems as well" "Demons tremble at the name of Jesus" "Jesus is my rock I will not be shaken" "Jesus is my Strong Tower where I am safe." "Jesus loves you, He is beside you, He will never forsake you." "What seems like a delay on Earth is a sign of a purpose or a reason in Heaven." "Don't dig up in Doubt what you planted in Faith."

How to Grow Stronger in the Lord | Cast All Your Cares

How to Grow Stronger in the Lord Have you ever planted a seed, watered it and waited to see its first tiny shoot coming out of that soil then you definitely know the joy that you experience when you see it. When you take good care of that plant, water it daily, put the manure that is required then after some days and months it grows and grows into a tree some may require years of taking good care and then only we get the fruits out of it. So it’s quite a long process and requires lot of patience. Similarly when it comes to our Spiritual life, relationship with God in order to grow it requires much care, patience, good nurture which comes from soaking in His presence, in His word and seeking Him constantly. A beautiful lesson can be learned from the process of seed sown to its yielding fruits and that can be practiced in our Spiritual life to be fruitful. Seed must die in the soil in order to grow. As the Bible says in John 12:24 “Truly, truly, I say to you,